Welcome Chelsea Harvey to our team

Welcome Chelsea Harvey to our team

Concept Accountancy is continuing to grow – and we’re delighted as part of that growth to welcome Chelsea Harvey to our team.

After working for five years in payroll for different size companies, we’re excited about the role she will play in the future growth of our accountancy firm.

Chelsea was born and raised in Milton Keynes until her family moved back to their native North East when she was 14. Ten years on and with payroll experience under belt, she says she is looking forward to developing her career with Concept Accountancy.

She says, “I’ve worked in payroll for a small company and also a large company in recruitment. Before that, I was working in compliance and since leaving school have worked in administration, finance and payroll.”

Chelsea says that she chose her career because she has a great interest in numbers. She also says that she’s found the variety in accountancy enjoyable.

“No two days are the same. There are always new things coming along that you can learn from, which I love,” she explains.

Warmly welcomed

“And while I’ve worked for some time in payroll and understanding finance, I’ve never worked in an accountancy environment. That was what really piqued my interest.

“It is such a lovely team and it’s a lovely atmosphere in the office. Everyone has been very supportive.”

After one month in her role, Chelsea says that as well as our team, she has been given a warm welcome from our clients.

“I have introduced myself to all the clients I’m working with and they are all really nice people. They’ve been very welcoming, which has been a great help.”

Outside work

Away from the office, Chelsea and her partner, Matthew, spend a lot of time at the movies. “I’m an avid movie fan and have been an unlimited member of the cinema for about 10 years,” she explains.
And it’s clear that she loves movies as her cat is named Shuri, the name of the leading role in the Black Panther film.

Chelsea loves music and plays guitar, ukulele and flute. And her desire to travel means she’s also learning German.

“I want to travel far and wide but I’ve chosen German as I think it might be easier to learn!”

Welcome Chelsea

Concept Accountancy Managing Director Mark Melville says, “We’re absolutely delighted that Chelsea has joined us to strengthen our payroll services. She is already fitting in well and will be an integral part of our growing team.

“My vision was always to offer a transparent accountancy company that is a client-focused practice. Chelsea has shown she understands our mission and is already a part of that and the future of Concept Accountancy.”

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