What is Chaser software?

What is Chaser software?

One of the most tedious and sometimes embarrassing tasks as a business owner is chasing people for payment. It can be gruelling, time-consuming and frustrating sending constant e-mails making regular calls trying to get your customer to pay what they owe.

Well, a piece of software called Chaser can help. This short guide explains why Chaser is something we often recommend for all of our clients.

What is Chaser software?

Chaser is credit control software that automates chasing customers to pay their bills. Hopefully, this means getting paid faster and saving lots of time. Chaser sends polite, yet regular e-mails to customers, reminding them that it’s time to pay.

Why Chaser?

One of the best features of Chaser is its personal touch. Users can create customised templates so that your friendly and professional tone remains.

Invoices are automatically attached to your template and can include yours or your staff members’ signatures. This can be vital for relationship building when dealing with your clients and customers.

If you send a lot of invoices, it’s particularly useful as data reports can be generated. These reveal your best and worst paying customers. You can view a log of all e-mails sent revealing who is the quickest – and slowest – payer.

This gives you flexibility when dealing with customers and helps you analyse live data when deciding who to continue in business with. This is invaluable as it could save you lots of time and hassle in the future.

Another positive is the group feature, meaning multiple invoices can go into a single reminder.

Can it sync with cloud software?

Yes! Chaser integrates with all major cloud accounting software platforms. By pulling through a copy of the ledger from the cloud it automatically knows which invoices to chase.

What’s on offer?

There are various packages available depending on the level of service needed. You can also get training to help you, although it is very easy software to use and is usually up and running within a few minutes.

To chat to us about Chaser and how it helps our clients, contact us today