Client Focus: Media Borne

Client Focus: Media Borne

We want you to meet our clients in our special Client Focus blogs which gives you a chance to see the type of people we work with.

We work with a range of clients in lots of different activities, from manufacturers to content creators, such as Media Borne.

Here, Managing Director Chris Thompson shares why he chose Concept Accountancy to look after his accounts and how we help him.

Client Focus: Media Borne

  1. What does Media Borne do?
    Media Borne is at the heart of entertaining, education and inspiring content creation in all forms.
  2. Why did you choose Concept Accountancy? 
    Concept Accountancy has always been on my radar as their personal but professional approach is second to none. We need an accountancy firm that advises us and manages our accounts for our investors and board members.
  3. What does Concept Accountancy do for your business?
    Concept look after our annual accounts, VAT and payroll – but they also give us advice on a regular basis including management accounts. The team really went above and beyond when we were going through fundraising: preparing forecasts and cashflows for various scenarios.
  4. How has Concept Accountancy helped you since you became a client? 
    Concept have helped me to get organised with my systems and processes regarding our financials. We are a small but growing business and I personally have to wear many hats to make it happen. They have helped remove one of those hats and have given me peace of mind that it’s done in a timely fashion to a high degree. 
  5. Would you recommend Concept Accountancy and why?
    Absolutely! I recommend Concept on a regular basis because they just get it. Mark has grown the accountancy firm from a small team and is able to apply that knowledge and understanding to our business and their other clients.
  6. Have you learned anything from us? 
    Yes! How to do things properly and with the forecast in mind at all times! 
  7. Finally, what would you say to anyone who’s thinking of setting up a business? 
    Strap yourself in and get ready to surround yourself with positive, pragmatic people. Mark and the team at Concept Accountancy are definitely some of those people.

What we love about Media Borne

Media Borne has an exciting vision for the future and big plans for growth. They boast some fantastic people who have TV production experience, which is allowing SMEs access incredible content that would normally be out of their price range.

We love being part of their future growth and helping them ensure they plan carefully.

If you are planning growth, then why not contact our team today. We would love to help you just as we have with Media Borne.